Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Taking care of your skin tags

I don't normally write of such personal stuff, but if you have skin tags and you want to remove them yourself, you can do it.

I had tags under my arms which I successfully removed by snipping them off. I have tried various removal potions with no success. So I did the usual google search and saw where many had successfully clipped their own tags - so I decided to give it a try.


1) Small stainless steel manicure type scissors
2) Alcohol
3) Cotton balls
4) Bandages

Clean the area around the tag with alcohol using a cotton ball.
Soak the scissor in alcohol to disinfect.
Wash your hands thoroughly.
Grab the tag with your fingers and gently pull.
With the other hand, use the scissors to cut the tag.
After cutting - soak the scissors in alcohol before cutting another tag.

There is a slight twinge of pain when the cut is made, but it is not bad and lasts only briefly.

The tag area may bleed some. Apply pressure to stop the bleeding. Cover with a Bandage. You may want to add a little antibiotic to the area as well. Within a day or two, the area will be healed and the majority of the tag will be gone.

Of-course, you are accepting responsibility for doing this procedure. In my case, If things went badly I planned to suck it up and go to the doctor. Just remember - Cleanliness is of utmost importance.

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