Wednesday, November 6, 2013

MyBookDroid Database

I have been using mybookdroid for awhile to register books that I own and books I would like to have. This is particularly useful whilst viewing books at B&N. If I find a book I might want later, I snap a shot of the barcode and load it into the mybookdroid database.

What I have found is that the database for mybookdroid is a sqlite database. You can easily load the database and view contents from most sqlite managers or browsers, including the Firefox sqlite addon. I first made a backup using mybookdroid. I named it Books6Nov2013. mybookdroid as the .backup as an extension. I changed this extension to.sqlite and loaded it up in SQLite Expert Personal. Why would you want to do this? Because you can of-course. Maybe you want to use open office to generate a nice report of your books. Maybe you want to create different views of the data. You could add entries, but it is easier in mybookdroid. Anyway - have some fun with it.

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