Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Portable Apps for Development

I am a fan of the portableapps system and have been for several years.  I have begun to mess around with web development, adobe air, and android development. I have several portable apps that I use for this.

1) Eclipse Portable - Java, Adobe Air, HTML IDE. Not the latest version but certainly adequate for some of the development I am doing.

2) Mozilla Firefox Portable - This is the browser that I use to preview HTML coding.

3) Inkscape Portable - Open source SVG graphics editor. Useful for logos.

4) IcoFX Portable - an icon creation/editing tool.

5) ColorPic - Get the color codes for any pixel on your screen.

6) FotoGrafix Portable - an image editor. Useful for combing images, resizing images, and touchups.

I find these apps quite helpful in my daily development work.

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