Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Using PhoneGap (Cordova) in Eclipse

After I discovered that I could not deploy Adobe AIR to Android when using HTML/Java as source, I looked for another way. I found PhoneGap. Officially, PhoneGap is now Apache Cordova. It is a mobile development framework that allows using HTML and Javascript to create phone apps. I loaded PhoneGap and with Eclipse and I was able to use the HTML/Javascript files I had developed previously. I downloaded the app to my tablet and it worked. It was quite a tedious task to set up the project to work with phonegap. I knew I wasn't the first to notice this - so I searched for  phonegap plugin and found one that does all the setup for you here. Now I can easily create a phonegap project in Eclipse. I can write my code in HTML and Javascript. What a wonderful world.

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