Friday, August 23, 2013

Moths in South Carolina

I have been taking plenty of butterfly photos this summer. It's time to add some moths. I read a little about moth traps and I may go that route eventually. I also read about making a sugary syrup to attract moths. I have got the ingredients and will try that soon.

We have a yellow fig tree on the property. I noticed that the fruit is fermenting and generating quite a lot of interest for bees, flies, and butterflies during the day. I wondered if maybe the fermenting fruit would attract moths at night. Last night I went out to have a look and sure enough, there were moths. I took a few photos with my point and shoot. They are shown below. I don't know the species or names of them yet. Also, the tiny flie like critters with orange eyes are interesting.Tonight, I will have better light and a better camera.

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